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Writing is my way of expressing myself, I'm the silent type, someone who just keeps her thoughts to herself... I write what I feel, I write when I'm happy or mad... I write when I can't find the courage to say those words...

I once had a diary, then I found tumblr. I'll forever be thankful for that someone who introduced this world to me. This blog is the story of my life. I post whatever I have in mind. Enjoy browsing and thanks for droppin' by. ;)

7 months ago | 02:20am

Heart’s Day ‘14

  • Had a great day.
  • Bought flowers
  • Duty
  • A lil celebration at the office
  • Pictorial ahaha
  • 40mins late at my first class due to heavy traffic, tsk where were those people coming from -_- ang puno ng lahat ng jeep mayged, thank God umabot sa exercise, hope our answers were correct, we weren’t there during the discussion XD
  • Watched JPIA Shortfilm Fest
  • Ordered Class Ring <3
  • Spent time with friends coz no classes in my 2 other subjects <3
  • That’s my 2.14.14 :D

ps. I miss my family so much, lagi nalang akong nasa school/busy sa school lately :(

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