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Writing is my way of expressing myself, I'm the silent type, someone who just keeps her thoughts to herself... I write what I feel, I write when I'm happy or mad... I write when I can't find the courage to say those words...

I once had a diary, then I found tumblr. I'll forever be thankful for that someone who introduced this world to me. This blog is the story of my life. I post whatever I have in mind. Enjoy browsing and thanks for droppin' by. ;)

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"Don’t look at me with those judgy little eyes."
-Damon Salvatore

another gift for a friend :)

Best of June ‘14

Such a wonderful, kinda busy and fruitful month for me. :) A lot of things learned each day and I can’t tell you every single detail so yea~ I’ll just talk about the highlights of the month. :)


0602. Reunited. It’s been a month since the last time we saw and talked to one other —with Clau. I’m so glad we met during her orientation since she’s working now in the same company. Sadly, her work is in the other office… I mean, not in our building. Tsk But that’s alright, at least we saw her. :)

0610. First OT. I was home at 1am. haha And take note that was the first time that I went home by myself (well halfway home coz I was with my 2 friends)  riding on a jeepney. LOL Another achievement.


0611. Early Bird. Yahoo~ Wacky Wednesday. Waffles were given to early birds and that includes me. ahaha Thank God traffic wasn’t that heavy that day. :)

0612. HTTYD2. Happy Independence Day! :) Wew, a day to relax and forget my work for awhile. Watched How to train your Dragon 2 and as expected, I was so amazed. Oh toothless <3 Also had my haircut and got my new glasses. :)

0614 School. I went to school with Rose to get our grad pic (taken by the school which I really don’t like) and our certificate in the Law Dept. Exam last sem which means a lot to me ahaha (but the office was close so we weren’t able to get it). I saw familiar faces and a lot of new ones. Freshmen. Oh I miss those days~ Also watched The Flu.

0623 ps. Hello Photoshop! LOL I love my new task.

0630 Treat. Because we did our job well… ;)

June was great. Hoping the next months would be awesome. Thank you Lord! :D

Take your make up off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror, at yourself
Don’t you like you?
Cause I like you…

One Day

If ever you’ll read this, play this while reading, this is what I was listening to when I wrote this. hehe just sharing }


One day, I know we will meet again
That is something I always believe in.
Destiny will bring you back to me.
And when that time comes, we can be happy.

One day we will watch our favorite movies
Or stay late at night just reading stories.
Walk in the rain, watch the sunset by the sea
Count the stars and talk about you and me.

One day we will travel like we own the world
Discover all those secrets that were untold.
We will take lots of photos along the way.
We will cherish every second of every day.

One day you will make all your dreams come true
Remember that I will always be there to support you
I want you to be what you want to be.
I want to inspire you the way you inspire me.

One day I will be ready to say yes,
Ready to wear an elegant white dress.
With my tears falling while walking
You will be there staring at me, smiling.

One day I will sing to you ‘til you close your eyes
Wake up next to you and watch the beautiful sunrise.
Cook you breakfast, prepare your suit
And laugh ‘cause you are still so damn cute!

One day I will share our moments together
How day by day our love becomes stronger
That despite all the bumps in our road
In the end, it will still be us to have and to hold.

One day I will write everything about you.
I will let the world know how much love can do.
I will show them how wonderful our story is.
I will prove to them that true love exists.

hse | 3:41 am 06/23/14

ps. don’t mind my epic painting wayback in highschool

Now Sketching: Shailene Woodley <3

Life is full of surprises and sometimes
someone really special comes along who’s worth taking a risk for.
- Lauren, I Do But I Don’t

Say hi. :D

Random shots taken during our 2day Team Building at Montebello Villa Hotel, Banilad Cebu. :)

Sapat Na

Minsan na akong nasaktan
Minsan ng tiniis ang sakit na naramdaman
Hinding-hindi ko yun makakalimutan
Ang mga sandaling puno ng kalungkutan.

Ang hirap ‘pag binabalewala ka
Ang hirap kung asa ka ng asa
Hindi naman ako dapat masaktan
Dahil una sa lahat wala akong karapatan.

Sinubukan ko ng limutin siya
Umaasang makahahanap pa ng iba
Ngunit lalo lang akong nahirapan
Dahil puso ko’y sa kanya lang nakalaan.

Ano ba itong aking nararamdaman
Sarili ko ngayo’y aking kinaiinisan
Bakit ba ang hirap ‘pag wala siya,
Bakit hindi ko matiis ang hindi siya makita.

Bakit ko pa ba kasi siya nakilala
Nasasaktan tuloy ako ng walang kwenta
Nagseselos ng walang dahilan
Umiiyak ng hindi namamalayan.

Siguro nga ito’y isa lang kaartehan
Ngunit talagang ang hirap ‘pag ika’y nasaktan
Puso mo’y dinudurog ng lubusan
At parang hindi na mabubuo kahit kailan.

Ngayo’y pagod na akong magmahal pa
Sapat nang minsan akong lumuha
Kaya lalayuan ko nalang muna siya
Ang taong minahal ko ng sobra.

ps.This was written last 2009, nakita ko lang. Bakit ba ang drama ko noon. LOL Well, hanggang ngayon naman talaga haha

Lil Change

Guess what? New look. mehehe The last time I cut my hair this short was when I was in first grade. Well it’s a throwback. :) My friends and family were shocked with this sudden change and all I do is smile at them. haha 

Change for the better. ;)

Happy Father’s Day :)

Hi Pa, You are the greatest father. Thank you for always believing in me. My hero, my best friend. I love you so much.

Let’s keep it short, I don’t wanna cry. :)

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You gave me a forever within the numbered days and I’m grateful.

ps. unfinished. hihi 

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