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Writing is my way of expressing myself, I'm the silent type, someone who just keeps her thoughts to herself... I write what I feel, I write when I'm happy or mad... I write when I can't find the courage to say those words...

I once had a diary, then I found tumblr. I'll forever be thankful for that someone who introduced this world to me. This blog is the story of my life. I post whatever I have in mind. Enjoy browsing and thanks for droppin' by. ;)

Hi Tumblr! I miss you! Finally net connection is back. Wew. More late posts to come. haha I miss randomly reading rants from different people. tsk If only I have enough time.

Quick Update

It’s 3:45am. Wew. I really had a headache last night that when I got home from work, all I did was change and sleep! (Yea, no dinner at all haha) My day wasn’t that tiring but my head just hurt and now I’m awake and I’m hungry haha there’s only an hour left and I need to prepare again for work. Yeah, I’m a workaholic. Chos! :D There’s a lot of things to get done by Thursday that’s why we were asked to be early today, (7am-7pm). I don’t know if this is until tomorrow though but it’s fine with me because we are compensated as well. mehehe It’s almost Christmas and I have to save because I want to finally give gifts to my family especially my cute cousins.This is the first Christmas that I already have a job, so yeah. Hahah. Can’t wait for December!!! But for now I need to go back, close my eyes and hug my pillow for like 30mins, uggh why is time so fast! And oh, I have things to post soon… :D

Thank you Lord for the blessings, challenges and opportunities you’ve given! You’re the best! ;)


San Remigio, Cebu Philippines

Playing with colors. ;)

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Agosto ‘14

Wew. Time is super fast! Another late post ;) What happened in Waters. :D

  • 0803 A lil celebration for Chris :D
  • First time..
    to commute in going to work haha #anotherachievement
  • Late
    I’ve been late twice this month! :( 3mins late and the other one was because I wasn’t feeling well and it took me long to decide whether to work or not to, well I chose the former.  :/
  • Blessings
    A lot of goodies this month! plus our company jacket :)
  • Movies watched
    Diary ng Panget -LSS No Erase haha
    -Da Possessed -haha really funny
    -Heaven is for Real, God’s Not Dead -both awesome!

  • Song of the month
    Added to faves:
    -Best friend -jasonchen

So that’s it! A productive and fun month after all. I had different tasks and I survived. ahehe Bye FY14 :) Thank you God~!

I only write when I am falling in love or falling apart.
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It’s funny when you thought it was all gone but when you see something that reminds you of that person, every damn feeling comes back.
- hse, 1:11 am 081214
Best of July ‘14

Song of the month: Rude
Added to faves: Heart Like California, Chasing the Sun 
Movies watched: The Hobbit, My Big Love, Starting Over Again, Divergent, Bride for Rent

0711 Ginabot Friday
I actually didn’t eat. I just went there with them — as a team. LOLimage

0712 The Confession
Oh I don’t wanna talk about this. Awkward. haha

0715 3 mins. Too Late
:’( So sad. It was raining hard plus heavy traffic. Uggh I was late. It hurts. I really don’t like to be late. :/ I swear this would be the first and the last.

0717 The Result
Waa~ So happy I got a 100% in the exam (about the training). Thank you God. mehehe

0718 Happy 21st Besth!
We had a lil birthday surprise for Diane. As if we were having an ordinary meeting. Glad she was really surprised. ahaha 
Diane is a college friend and we call each other “Besth”. LOL nvm how we came up with that.
also had a great time with these two, Margie&Carole, my going-home buddies. LOL

0719 Lil Celebration
Congrats Adrian for passing the July 2014 Marine Deck Officers board exam! Thanks for the treat. #proudfriendhere


0723 The Wednesday Habit
Midshift. Dinner at the drypantry. ;)
0725 Team Meeting/Snacks @ 17thFimage

0730 Back to ShakeoutWednesdays
Thanks for the free breakfast which turned out to be my lunch. LOLimage

Posted enough. Great month after all. Thank you God! :)

FRIENDS will always be friends. :)

That almost-epic-fail surprise ahaha.

  • early out at 6:30pm
  • bought some stuffs
  • that moment when she almost saw us on our way to the meeting place haha (thanks Avz, our amazing kasabwat haha)
  • and we made it. :D
  • plus went home alone for the first time! haha

 Happy Birthday Claudine! Wish you all the best. We are always here for you. I’m glad we made you smile on your special day. :) *insert Jetro*

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"Don’t look at me with those judgy little eyes."
-Damon Salvatore

another gift for a friend :)

Best of June ‘14

Such a wonderful, kinda busy and fruitful month for me. :) A lot of things learned each day and I can’t tell you every single detail so yea~ I’ll just talk about the highlights of the month. :)


0602. Reunited. It’s been a month since the last time we saw and talked to one other —with Clau. I’m so glad we met during her orientation since she’s working now in the same company. Sadly, her work is in the other office… I mean, not in our building. Tsk But that’s alright, at least we saw her. :)

0610. First OT. I was home at 1am. haha And take note that was the first time that I went home by myself (well halfway home coz I was with my 2 friends)  riding on a jeepney. LOL Another achievement.


0611. Early Bird. Yahoo~ Wacky Wednesday. Waffles were given to early birds and that includes me. ahaha Thank God traffic wasn’t that heavy that day. :)

0612. HTTYD2. Happy Independence Day! :) Wew, a day to relax and forget my work for awhile. Watched How to train your Dragon 2 and as expected, I was so amazed. Oh toothless <3 Also had my haircut and got my new glasses. :)

0614 School. I went to school with Rose to get our grad pic (taken by the school which I really don’t like) and our certificate in the Law Dept. Exam last sem which means a lot to me ahaha (but the office was close so we weren’t able to get it). I saw familiar faces and a lot of new ones. Freshmen. Oh I miss those days~ Also watched The Flu.

0623 ps. Hello Photoshop! LOL I love my new task.

0630 Treat. Because we did our job well… ;)

June was great. Hoping the next months would be awesome. Thank you Lord! :D

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